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Chiara Trentin - Chimajarno



Buttons, cotton thread, surgical mask

I'm free buttonholes... Walk, tell a path. Tessellate, to compose the pieces of this path. Aggregate, put together moods, ideas, images, different perspectives, colors, music, instincts, forms, story plots. In meeting these methods attempt to hold several related things, the buttons become my translation tools. I always like to imagine that my works are interwoven not only of simple objects, but of elements that have a sense of something found and who are able to load affectively with memories. This is the path I'm looking for construct an identity, it's my need of expression, it's my perspective with different eyes. I choose materials and decontextualize them from original function, I try to use a language that tells a contemporary living but draws on past stories that have amazed me. My choice, perhaps a way of life, was born years ago by my personal need to enrich my body for giving it a meaning, not only in the aesthetic value, but which would involve a narrative, a deconditioned body balance itself. 

Apocalypse Statement 

"THE LAST OF THE FREEDOMS WE HAVE LEFT IS THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE THE ATTITUDE WITH WHICH WE RESPOND TO EVENTS THAT HAPPEN TO US IN LIFE." I choose a more proactive inclination... I choose first of all to change, and not in terms of adaptation, but in terms of improvement...I choose to take on things that I had always wanted to tackle but to which I didn’t have the time to devote before...I choose to breathe with Wim Hof, to do yoga on line more seriously than before, to delve into meditation, to read, listen and study topics that enrich me in my work and in my life...I choose to enroll in online courses of various kinds, to try to write despite my mental blocks... to accept the fears that are present in me but to focus on all the good that’s in and beside me...I also choose not to take every piece of news that comes in my way, but to dose and take information only from official sites...I choose to keep talking about my work because it’s totally connected with my life, they’re one that I can’t separate...I choose to devote much more time to myself and the people I truly love...I choose to be even more aware of myself and my choices…

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