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You know the end of the world is near when you see it in everything. In times like these, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the news about war, the rise of global temperatures, the pandemic, economic and environmental crises, the backlash against human rights in many parts of the world and the increasing feelings of anxiety many people experience in their individual lives. It feels as if our world is changing more rapidly and drastically than ever before, and nothing is safe anymore. APOCALYPSE can mean a lot of things, depending on who you ask. It could be about environmental destruction, social unrest, human rights violations, traumatic experiences, or even about the jewelry industry itself. 


In a world where the APOCALYPSE is constantly looming, it's important to remember that we can still create beauty and meaning. We wanted to hear from artists all over the world how their vision of the end of days might be reflected in their work. This latest issue of NOT ONLY DECORATION is dedicated to all kinds of APOCALYPSES: the one that is here, the one that is coming, and even the one we create for ourselves in our own imaginations. 


And while we're not totally sure what form it will take, we do know that it's not going to be easy on us—and our planet. This issue of NOD is exploring some ways our world could end—and a lot of reasons why it shouldn't.



created by Veresa Eybl, Katrin Derakhshifar, Stephie Morawetz & Konstanze Prechtl

APOCALYPSE Edition - Volume 3

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    • 48 full color A4 pages
    • removable A3 poster

    • interviews with artists Eva Fernandez (UK) & Vesal Bahmani Nik (Iran)

    • articles by Veresa Eybl & Stephie Morawetz

    • projects by 32 artists

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