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Chaos lives in everything

Stephie Morawetz



Plastone, rubber band, recon, magnets

Our society in which we live has invented an entirely new material. A material that is artificially created by mankind and that the nature can not absorb. For almost two centuries, we have been developing this material on and on. It is chemically manufactured in laboratories and constantly it receives new characteristics. Characteristics which makes it more and more difficult for the nature to process. Hardly anyone knows the composition of the different types of material, but we all use it daily. It can be found everywhere and is now used in almost all areas of life. Life without this material is hard to imagine.

We produce it from a fossil material that is becoming increasingly rare. Even in the knowledge that it will disappear one day, we deal with it carelessly. Instead of dispose of it, we throw it away carelessly, as if nature can absorb it. Nature is sick of this material and creatures die from it. Meanwhile, a layer of this material has been placed on our earth. Even a new continent has formed.

We live in the plastic-age.

My pieces are out of a new Stone, called Plastone. Plastone is a new material created by the nature out of our trash. Plastic is not biodegradable by nature, it is simply crushed and seeps into the ground. With time and great pressures the earth could create a completely new stone. Just like the rutile needles in quartz crystal, we will see stones that have plastic inclusions.

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