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Mario Albrecht



Polyethylen (Plasticbag & Plasticfolie), Silver, Stainless Steel

My pieces derive from experiments with the material polyethylene. This material accompanies us in our daily life in the form of plastic bags and foils which we do not observe as something beautiful. On principle, I only work with used plastic bags and packaging foils. By processing this plastic waste, I can give this material a new value. My work is a cooperation between me and the material, as i let myself being guided by the plastic´s qualities. At the begining I am setting strictly geometrical limits from which the material is allowed to free itself during the following processing steps. This creates the strong and archaic shapes that break through the boundaries between order and chaos. Every unique piece reflects the numerous and complex structures to which this collection owns its name: vielschichtig (Engl.: multi-layered, complex).

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