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Mario Albrecht



Polyethylene (fruit net bags), silver, dental steel

My works are the result of experiments with polyethylene in the form of packaging. We are surrounded by it all day, but rarely see anything beautiful in it. My goal is to create high-quality jewelry from this waste, which no longer shows its origin. I want to give these very short-lived "recyclables" actually a "value".

I basically do not work with adhesives, paints or synthetic resin.

The decorating parts consist exclusively of the packaging waste on which I just focus, in this case fruit and vegetable nets. In countless experiments and trials I develop the processing techniques, often based on traditional craft methods that I adapt to the material.

The technical parts are made of silver, stainless steel and brass.

"vernetzt" my current collection I have developed for the exhibition "drawn to the net" of the BKV.To meet the very large demand for nets, especially in the experimental phase, I have started a call in the local press to collect nets for me. Katharina Kielmann, the curator, has written a very interesting text that focuses on the social aspects.(See attachment)The call was a real success, many private households and even stores now collect their "waste" for my jewelry and are thus networked.

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