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Shit Happens

Monica Wickström



elk droppings, shellac, paper band

My jewellery made of shit, droppings from elk and hare, are at the same time a tribute to our pure nature and a small comment on the jewellery industry. Do we really need all the jewellery made for the human body? Especially the one, which is just beautiful and expensive but has nothing more to tell except that the wearer is wealthy. I remember when I made my jewellery from water lily and acorn when I was young. I am afraid that children in the future don?t have the opportunity to explore the nature. Then the elk droppings will be rare and may be expensive jewellery for the rich people. What a paradox! Photos 1web-3web. The two necklaces, THE ELK PAID A VISIT and THE HARE PAID A VISIT, are made of droppings from elk and hare, shellac and paper band. The shit is cleaned with rubbing alcohol. I made the necklaces this year 2017.

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