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Redetermined Destiny

Burcu Büyükünal



Mild steel, brass, wood, foam, paper

Hands are believed by some to be a source telling one’s fate. Redetermined Destiny is a set of tools that is to be used to reach a desired future. It contains a template, a clamp, and three knives. I focused the most visible three lines in the palm of a hand to create a template highlighting the desired lines to alter one’s life path. The wearer is instructed to put the knives on his hand for a period of time and, cut himself by pressing the knife onto the palm in order to create the new lines indicated by the template. The clamp is used for changing the entire shape of the hand by tightening it everyday until reaching the desired shape; the shape of the hand is also believed as an element in determining the destiny. My intention is creating the possibility of this set being used rather than conveying in how the future will change when used.

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