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7 Day Regimen

Burcu Büyükünal



Mild steel and amethyst, rose quarz, wood, brass

It is believed by some that certain kinds of precious and semi-precious stones have the power to cure disease and enhance the carrier’s life. These stones are generally used on a piece of jewelry. There are two reasons for this: First, jewelry is a way to carry a stone on the body in an intentional and enjoyable way. Secondly, there is a strong sense of marketing to merchandise a stone emphasizing its mystical powers, which has never been proved. 
7 Day Regimen is a series of work questioning the belief in the power of gemstones. It consists seven individual boxes, each including a gemstone and a steel holding device. Each piece suggests a specific way of holding the stone: some hiding the stone to help hold it rather than presenting them as jewelry. However, the pieces force the hand into a position that limits its use.  I intend for the viewer to question the usability of these products in how they limit their abilities in service of their beliefs.

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