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Mariolina Mascarino



fabric, steel

Our Mother Earth is suffering. The Desert, the Forest, the Ocean are getting more and more sick everyday and we seem not to care much about that. We keep on mistreating and polluting them and, still too often, we find it easier to waste their precious resources instead of respecting them. Signs our Planet's heart failure are everywhere. How long are we going to ignore this help request?

The most important duty

An excerpt from a  dialogue between Our Planet’s Hearts

[…] Forest: no, there’s no reason to be pessimistic. There is no point!

Ocean:complaining doesn’t fix our problems. We need to stay strong! If we resist, more and more people can become aware.  We have to give them the opportunity to understand how difficult our situation is.

Forest: it’s not easy, but we can help people reach a solution. We need to give them time, allow them to find the key to the problem.

Desert: I wish I could be as optimistic and courageous as you are. We are threatened, don’t you see? Aren’t you scared? […]

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