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Who am I?

Mariolina Mascarino



stainless steel, paper, silk, acrylic paint

We live in a society where instant communication is key, and personal interactions have become increasingly virtual. Technology and social media are making it very easy for us to get in touch with people all over the world, but this at the expense of losing our true nature of face to face humanity.
My project explores the possibility for contemporary jewelry to become the start point of a new communication philosophy, a philosophy that puts the human being at the centre of the interaction again, encouraging more spontaneous relationships and face to face conversations. Is this a real possibility or just a utopia, a naive thought? What is the role of the human body in all of this? Is it only a simple wearer or is it supposed to interact with jewelry?

This was supposed to be a movie about my life, but my passion for words transformed it in a written story: the story of a contemporary pendant that one day started to question its role.  I think it was because of that woman. She came nearer and looked at me with vivid interest, as if I was more than a pendant, more than everything I always thought I was. She smiled for a moment and then lightly placed a piece of paper on one of the wires that protrudes from me.   That was the moment when everything changed.   Well, I’m a contemporary handmade pendant hanging on a necklace, and that gesture made me think. I also spotted some words on that very small piece of paper.  Maybe a message? Suddenly I was overflowed  with questions. Simple questions like: ‘Why did that woman approached me?’ ‘What was her purpose?’ ‘What did she mean to do?’ and so on…  Then a girl arrived with her message, then a man, followed by another woman, a young boy… they were all smiling and leaving their messages on me, as if it was the most normal thing to do.   I didn’t understand, I was astonished and my mind couldn’t stop working over what had happened.  So, after a while, new and more deep questions came up: ‘Who am I?’  ‘What is my purpose?’ ‘Maybe is there something more in me than just hanging on a necklace?’ ‘What is the meaning of being a pendant?’ and most important:  ‘Am I just a pendant?’ No, I didn’t feel like I was just a pendant anymore. Something had happened inside me, something that made me change the way I looked at the world.  When this happens inside you, there’s no going back. So I decided to embrace my path without any fear and start living my life from a different perspective.  That was a good decision.  Two weeks  have passed since that day and my life has changed profoundly.  I am happy. I mean, really happy.  I’m still hanging on my necklace but  I feel completely different. A new awareness has grown inside me. Now I know that, through my necklace, I can connect to the human  body. I can  feel alive with it, be part of it and, in doing so, I am able to encourage people to beautifully interact with each other. I’m able to help them communicate in the simplest way: meeting in person, getting to know each other and talk to one another. I mean, without phones, laptops or other devices.  At this point  you might think that I am the device, maybe different from those we are used to, but a device anyway. To be honest I doubted it as well, because actually people communicate because of me. After a while though,  I realized that I am not. 
Rather, I’d like to consider myself a communication teacher, an inspirer if you want. There’s nothing technological or mechanical about me, and above all I don’t like to interfere with people. On the contrary, I want to allow them express what they are, their true essence, because I am impressed by the preciousness that is hiding in each and every one of them. I never thought the human heart would be so amazing! So fresh and new every time!  Yes, I am really happy and I hope I will be able to encourage more and more people to interact on a  human level because helping them is my purpose.  My name is Join by the way, and now I know who I am.  

P.S. If you are curious, you can find some pictures of me in different periods of life.

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