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Leather, brass and shrink

My final project refers to the female body image in all aspects. I knew that observing my own body would make me uncomfortable, but then I realized that this "risk" was a venue for creating great things that would impact many women.

I found myself looking at the reflection of my body in the mirror for many hours. It was difficult to look for so long at something you are so critical of. I realized that I was creating something much more than a decoration for the body - I was working on my self-image through jewelry, facing myself repeatedly and finding great comfort in that.

I knew I wanted to take advantage of dimensions, so I  chose leather. I used its characteristics, creating unlimited size jewelry and having absolute freedom. I was having the power to control through disguising areas. It is important for me that jewelry will be used to empower the female body.

For example, I've created a piece that conceals the abdominal area and highlights the chest area. I found humor in the process and started enjoying it. I created a kind of tool which is not limited in size, shape or color and it felt amazing - a kind of fantasy. The materials I chose were not random. From my point of view natural materials such as leather and wood, and synthetics such as types of polymers are parallel to combining the body we were born with and our desire for makeover. In creating jewelry I found freedom and courage. It was important to me to create jewelry that refers to a woman's anatomy in every sense, keeping in mind our desire to achieve the "perfect body" while knowing social dictations make this desire endless

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