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Roxana Casale



Treated paper, silver 9.25

The chasm between the rich and poor grows ever larger. Those who are excluded from socioeconomic organizations due to lack of work and social protections suffer the edicts of disenfranchisement and erasure. Social and economic policies that are particularly unfavorable to the working class slowly sinks them deeper into poverty, uncertainty, and inequality. They are subjugated under threat of chronic unemployment that obfuscates a vast unseen world of people being delivered to a fate wrought by forces outside their control. The pieces that make up the series "Contrast" are created with brewed tea bags and amate paper. The manufacturing process bestows on the material a patina that simulates a parasitic guise, relating the lack of opportunities and equity with a pandemic disease that consumes everything in its path. "It is very important to understand who initiates violence: is those who engender misery, or those who fight against it." -Julio Cotazar.

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