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Collection "Existence"

Kamile Staneliene



Cans, freshwater pearls, cable, Cans, freshwater pearls, cable, stainless steel

Living in this anxious time has made me think about the value in our lives. We live in a changing world where people’s lifestyles and even the concept of value are constantly changing. People give value to things themselves. In other words, a thing is worth only as much as a person considers it to be worth. However, in times of unrest, war, etc., materially valuable items are sometimes exchanged for vital items or just food. At that point, survival becomes paramount. That becomes the cost of our existence. Contemplating this topic, I created the collection "Existence". In the collection I use two materials: used cans and pearls. These materials are like the opposite of each other, but they also enhance each other even more. 

Apocalypse Statement 

Contemplating value topic, I created the collection "Existence". Survival in this apocalyptic period is one of the most important factors

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