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Beauty Mask

Alessa Joosten



3d printed mask, nylon

This 3D-modelled “Beauty Mask” is a critique of Dr. Marquardt's Beauty Analysis which I found on the internet ( This beauty test functions with a two-dimensional mask that you can overlay over a photograph of your face to prove how symmetric and therefor how beauty your face is. If your face is aberrant, it’s recommend putting on suitable make-up or even doing an aesthetic operation to come as close as possible to the standard of the mask. By using a microscribe I took the most significant coordinates of my face and connected them. This way I made my own Beauty Mask. By modifying it only in the y-axis, the mask conforms to Marquardt's norm in the front but deformed by the sides. Thereby, the beauty test is reduced to absurdity. Beauty depends on the perspective.

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