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All these women

Hadas Cohen




I would like to propose a necklace and a brooch that I created as a response for women prostitution - the story is about an annonimus Israeli women who spent most of her life in a small room in south of tel aviv and giving service to men from morning till evening, nobody knew her or made any interests in her. Few years ago she died from unknown reason and somebody made an invitation to her funeral, the story was published in the media and the reaction of the public was very touching, a lot of people came to share respect for her, although they didn't knew her. I choose her as my inspiration for this piece but not as a hero. I choose to show her in her most expose and degrading moment. The pieces shows her nipple as a product rapd in a bag that you can easly buy in the shop or somewhere else.The brooch shows her silence and her unability to talk about her situation. This shows the fact the prostitution is not getting any attintion from the media, from other people and not just in israel but the entire world, and we must do something to stop it so that other women like her will not be ignored.

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