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OPEN CALL for the new Magazine

The FUTURE is coming,
and we want you to be part of it.

We're super excited to announce that NOD is back with a new call for entries. 

In case you missed it, we had a blast with our last edition and all your incredible submissions. It was beautiful, and it was sad, and we were all left wanting more. It encouraged us all to consider what we can do to make sure our future doesn't look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 


Now, as we return together from our previous expedition into the shadows of the Apocalypse, we turn our gaze towards the uncharted territory of THE FUTURE. 


While it seems the future is always a step ahead of us, allow us to share a little secret: you are the owner of a time machine. You can traverse the space-time-continuum in the blink of an eye, following the power of your imagination. We humans alone - as far as we know yet - have this unique and beautiful capability of seeing into the future with our mind’s eye. 


In the 21st century, we are constantly being told that the future is in our hands. We have the power to shape it however we like—we're living in a time when anything is possible, and all we have to do is make it happen. Right…? If you haven't thought about this before, now is the time to start imagining our world 10 years from now, 100 years from now or even 10,000 years from now:

What will it look like? What will it feel like? How will we get there? 

What technologies will be at our disposal? What new forms will jewelry take? Is 3D printing going to completely upend our lives? How will we interact with technology and each other? What will people wear on their bodies? Will virtual adornments replace gold and diamonds? Will A.I. completely change the way we as artists and creators work?


Our four cornerstone categories—environment, human rights, society, and the jewelry industry—present the canvas upon which artists and thinkers are invited to project their visions, their hopes, and their concerns for a time that is yet to unfold. In NOD’s mission to foster a deeper understanding of ourselves, our society, and the world we collectively shape, we encourage contributions that showcase diverse perspectives and challenging viewpoints. 

Show us what you think the future holds for us: explore the implications of our actions, question prevailing narratives, and imagine the many pathways that lie ahead. You can interpret this however you'd like - as an installation, a series of objects, a text or video, or a single piece (or even just an idea). In the vast cosmos of creativity, there are no limits, only endless possibilities. 


Submissions are welcomed until 30.11.2023.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!




individual or group

You can apply as one Creator or as a Group/Collective. Please fill in the appropriate form and provide all the information requested.



Each project must have at least one photograph or video submitted for it. Videos and photographs submitted must be of a professional standard.



Each picture must be sent in high quality format:

High res JPG (300dpi, max A3)

named: TitleofprojectGroupname1.jpg

(the numbers should correspond to the number of the technical data in the application form)


other formats:

If you sign in with a video, a text (poem, essay, story, scientific paper, etc …) or a virtual work (gif, website, game) please include a picture/graphic/still that can be printed to represent it.

Please name all your files: TitleofprojectName1

If you want to hand in text (poem, essay, story, scientific paper, etc …) it has to be sent as a Word document and a PDF.


If you want to hand in a virtual project, you are responsible to have it online. NOD can not provide the online space that is required for such a project. For virtual projects, you have to hand in a link to the project and a picture that represent the project,this can be either a documentation picture or an advertisement picture/poster. The same requirements apply to the data formats as for all other required image material, see above.


send works

Please send the files outlined above and name the zipped folder in the same style as the photographs,

for example: 

TitleofprojectName via one of these options:


wetransfer to:


dropbox to:





just download the PDF version








Jewelry can be more than just decoration for the body. It can show social affiliation, status, political opinions or even religion. It speaks about value and body relation.

NOD sees jewelry as more than it is in a common sense. We want to see projects that go beyond their physical form of being a ring, a necklace or earrings. A photograph, a video, a poem can talk about jewelry and body-related art.


  • the project has to deal with the topic jewelry, like direct meaning of jewelry, or body relation 

  • the project has to be ethical or responsible design or art

  • the project has to have a strong concept or a message relating to one or more of the four topics - jewelry industry, environment, social, human rights as well as the theme of this open call APOCALYPSE

  • Media of expression: There are no limitations for the media you choose. The project can be jewelry, an object, photography, video art etc… Also, literature, poems, essays and scientific papers are accepted as long as they relate somehow to the body within your concept 

  • it can be a serial work, a collection or a “one of a kind” piece

  • every material is excepted

  • works from any date are excepted

  • surprise us! NOD as a collective intelligence benefit from “different thinking”. We want to be surprised! You also have the possibility to change the point of view of NOD. If you can’t see your project in any of the named categories, you can still send it. Maybe you will define a new category and change the point of view of NOD.


  • your project will be printed in the next issue with the focus on "Apocalypse". A copy is not included, but can be ordered for a donation. 

  • All rights will belong to you

  • NOD does NOT charge any commission on sales or collaborations with galleries

  • to be a part of a collective: NOD

  • the chance to be included in future projects, publications etc. (exhibitions, catalogs, magazines, websites, social media channels)

  • chance to change something

  • the chance to make your voice heard

  • good karma

Don't Panic!

We know that we ask for a lot of information from you, but don't worry, the NOD-Team is always there for you for any questions.

Just keep calm and send us a message:

Success! Message received. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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