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Aesthetical Injection

Juan Harnie



Polyurethane, syringes, silver, steel

Designing this collection Juan Harnie used medical materials to create attractive, floral looking jewellery. Juan has always seen beauty in materials that have little to no aesthetical value to others. These materials in particular are usually linked to unpleasant situations like hospitals and doctor visits, but now they are taken out of this context and made into uncanny pieces of jewellery.

Juan got his inspiration from flowers and plants, which always seem to please the eye of the beholder. Even when a plant or flower turns out to be hazardous, poisonous or possibly deadly, at first people will always attribute positive feelings towards seeing them. Contradictory, syringes that are designed to administer medicine and in fact heal people are met with fear, disgust and a general feeling of unease. Using these syringes in colourful, floral pieces of jewellery, mimicking the shape and colour of the ever-so-loved flower, might just make people reconsider their initial feelings towards syringes and see the beauty the designer saw in them.

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