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In my work “A drop of black gold” I want to create an image of a future where a drop of crude oil can be more worth than a diamond. Or whole society runs on a material that will be gone in 30 years. This material surrounds us everywhere, you can't escape it.

With the one drop of crude oil I am replacing the diamond in a traditional engagement ring. The video is a parable of a commercial of the famous diamond syndicate DeBeers.


3 rings - silver. glass, silicon, crude oil


… in the end it is all the same shit, covered in a different design.


Pearl necklace 1 - Bird shit pearls (from the Shenkar jewelry department), gold plated brass


Pear necklace 2 - Rabbit shit pearly (powered by the rabbits Tiffany and Harry), gold plated brass


Performance - Price-Tag Pearl Necklace


The nature decided to take from us one of the world nature treasures, the Dead Sea. Every year she lets three feet disappear. Bit by bit she swallows the ground so that we can’t enter anymore. Now it is still a wake up call, if we don’t change our actions. But we are not willing to change.

In the future the Dead Sea will be just a dry memory and the only thing that's left will be small pieces of a treasure, preserved in a museum, like an extinct animal.


3 Necklaces - copper, glass, silicon, rope, salt from the dead sea, water from the dead sea


Recently I read something that shocked and confused me. “most of the women never look at their own vagina.” I started to wonder, why is that so? Why is even the word vagina still something we can't say in public, a word we only use behind closed doors. There is nothing shameful or filthy about this word and also about your vagina. I decided it's time for a change. So I designed a pocket mirror to look at your own vagina.


Mirror - Olive wood, mirror Perspex, Perspex, gold plated brass


Jewelry is the oldest art of mankind. Already in the stone age mankind produced jewelry. It was an expression of culture, religion, status and political identity. Over hundreds of years, the question of “what is jewelry” was redefined. Now, in 2017, we are acting as if this question has been answered. We are producing micro sculptures that have no connection to the most important topics, the relation between jewelry and the body, materiality, social status, culture and religion. But a question can’t have a static answer. We have to recognise that main questions like “what is jewelry”, “what is design” or “what is art” cannot be answered, we have to answer them over and over again, vis-a-vis our present, our culture and our world.

 Two Rings - Jewelry boxes, brass

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