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7. - 12 November 2017

For the first time in Vienna “NOD – not only decoration” will show that jewelry can be more than just an aesthetic for the body. Not Only Decoration, a global collective of makers who create pieces that contest and discuss ethical consciousness across many topics from environmental to social, was founded by artists Stephie Morawetz from Austria and Laura Jack from Australia. We believe that jewelry has always been and will always have the potential to be more than just decoration, it has the capacity to convey deeper meaning, and to influence. This can be seen in our own personal works; A Drop of Black Gold (Stephie) and Does the Carpet Match the Drapes (Laura) that will form part of the collective exhibit.


At our opening, not only can viewers explore a global collective which comprises of works from over 30 NOD members that are artists and makers from all over the world through jewelry and objects that deals with social and environmental issues, they will also experience that jewelry doesn't have to be only a decorative object for the body. As a special event we have planned a performance by Pia Groh called “The Living Brooch”.


True to our character of keeping things interesting and intriguing, we are presenting more than just an exhibition with a program that ranges from live performances, to critical discussions on jewelry and even a gastronomical oddity that combines the wearable with the edible. NOD will also be debuting our very first edition of our publication: Not Only Blah Blah - A Magazine.


Join “Nod” and “Alja&friends” at any and all of our events and see for yourself that jewelry can be more than decoration.


Artist List:

Alessa Joosten (GER), Alexandra Hofer (AT), Alix Manon (BE), Ana Carolina Escobar (FR), Andrzej Skrzypkowski (PL), Anna Burger-Martindale (CAN), Azure Zhang (THA), Burcu Büyükünal (TUR), Cherry Boonyapan & Kata Sangkhae (THA), Chimajarno & Michele Tajariol (ITA), Chris Ka Leung Li (CHN), Corrina Goutos (USA), Dan Russell (UK), Eva Tesarik und Birgit Wiesinger (AT), Fabiana Gadano (ARG), Holland Houdek (USA), Igor Knezevic (USA), Katharina Dettar (ES), Katrin Derakhshifar (AT), Konstanze Prechtl (AT), Laura Jack (AUS), Laurin Kilbert (GER), Lily Harte (UK), Lucy Ganley (UK), Monica Velciov (RO), Monica Wickström (FIN), Nadine Now (AT), Nathan Greiner (USA), Paula Zuker (CHL),  Pia Groh (AT), Rachael Colley (UK), Rill Greenfeld (IL), Rotem Sahar (IL), Ruby Parker (UK), Sandra Julve Marín (ES), Sangji Yun (KP), Stacey Huang (CHN),  Stephie Morawetz (AT), Teresa Estapé (ES),  Verena Krems (AT), Veresa Eybl (AT), Veronika Fabian (HUN), Wiebke Pandikow (FIN/GER), Xiaoyi Chen (CHN),  Ying-Hsien Kuo  (TWN), Zeta Tsermou (GRC)

Jewelry Night: Not only an Exhibition

We 8. November 17:00-22:00 

Unveiling of over 30 artworks and artists from across the globe and live performance by Pia Groh called “The Living Brooch”

Discussion: Not only Talking - Intermediality in Jewelry with Katja Köditz

Fr. 10. November 18:30

In order to show the whole spectrum of jewelry, we prepared a special event that displays jewelry works in video media. At this movie night, we want you to explore a variety of different perceptions and how jewelry works with the media of video.

Afterwards, all are invited to join a discussion about “what is jewelry”. Focusing on the topic of intermediality in jewelry. As a special guest we invited the jewelry artist Katja Köditz, an award winning artist in the field of jewelry video to present her works in discussion.

Breakfast: Not only Breakfast

Sa. 11. November 11:00-14:00 

It is a tradition during the Vienna Jewelry Days to hold a breakfast in each of the different locations. This year, Alja&friends together with NOD decided to prepare a gastronomical oddity for you. You will not only enjoy a delicious breakfast with us, you might also discover that jewelry goes “through the stomach”.

Vienna Jewelry Days Official Tour

Sa 11. November 15:00 

Guided tour with Arianne Reither.

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