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Josefine Mass

My inspiration was the use of medicine in the Western cultures, in contrast with the Eastern medicine and mentality. In the Western countries the medication/pills are used for all sorts of diseases let them be mental or physical. The consumption of these pills seem nothing and very small but in the end when you see them all together (in this case as a whole of one year) it is instead a concrete matter that decomposes in the body slowly. In the East on the other hand, where natural medication as in herbs are commonly used along emphasizing the importance of peace and harmony. Thus my inspiration for the necklace started from the prayer beads used in the Eastern civilaztion. My necklace "365 Day treatment" is a daily prayer for the whole year for the Western people representing hope and cure. I want to confront the viewer of the amount of faith these small pills create and the amount of a years supply really is tangled on the neck.

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