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Lynne Speake



mixed media

TRASH.... is the stuff you throw away or just don't want or need anymore .... it's everywhere .... we are drowning under piles of it. It's wrapped around or contains the stuff we buy to eat or use in our daily lives. It comes from the stuff lying in our drawers that we bought and either broke, we went off it, stopped wearing with it or eventually stopped playing with it. Or even that we bought it and never again let it see the light of day. It ends up in landfill, charity shops, thrown into a hedge or washed up on a beach. Its ugly, wasteful, pollutes our lives, often depresses us and will 'out-live' us and hang around for millions of years. BUT .... it can also be beautiful, ridiculous, unique, fun, frivolous, quirky, bonkers and can often make us laugh when transformed into something 'wearable'. It can become precious and evoke fond memories of the finding, receiving and collecting of it. It can empower us and make us want to question our own and others consumerism. It can gently show the possibilities of what can be made, up-cycled, no longer bought but re-made and ready to go on new adventures with a new owner. It can be as precious as a diamond .... and when combined with things that have a history and their own precious stories, things you have an emotional attachment to .... then TRASH .... becomes priceless.

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