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Tools For The End Time

Florian Clemens Meier



Steel, Wood, Enamel, Paint

In the 1943 published paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" Abraham Maslow describes his concept of the hierarchy of needs. The bottom of the pyramid and therefore the most important pillar is the so called physiological. Especially in crisis humans will focus on those needs first. They include air, shelter, sleep, water, food and others. Food is a fundamental need for humans to survive. Yet in many parts of the world humans have become so ignorant of this fact. Food is readily available and relatively cheap. My work Tools For The End Time questions food culture, food security, sustainability of food production and food as a luxurious commodity in western societies. Tool is a word that can be used in a theoretical as well as a physical context. In my work I refer to both. 

Apocalypse Statement

 In it´s Sixth Assessment Report The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) no longer focuses on preventing climate disaster it mainly focuses on adaptation. At this point it is almost impossible to stop climate change. Since it´s inception in 1988 world leaders have done a tremendous job of ignoring the panels conclusions. We had decades to prevent climate change, instead we increased the speed of it. Agriculture is a major contributor to climate change. In many cases food production for humans is an extremely brutal and exploitive process. Commercial meat production, large scale fishing operations, gigantic monocultures, intensive use of toxic pesticides... Humans destroy their food resources on a mind blowing scale. Our top soil is disappearing at a never seen scale, desertification of vast landscapes, rivers and lakes are drying up or are polluted, fish populations dwindle... Food security should be a major concern to the "leading life form" of this planet, as it is our main ingredient for life. Yet money and short term profits seem much more important than the survival of our society. We are headed towards an apocalypse and the most important thing in an apocalypse is what will you eat next and which tools will you be using to get your next meal into your mouth. Humans will have to adapt, invent new tools and reintroduce old ones for their survival.

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