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Tocante tocàvel

Kika Karufino




Two pieces carved in stone that fit together keeping a small gap between them. The brooch reserves an internal part while revealing an external part. It connects two precious neighbours: the "I" and the "other" and it is held between the natural and social membranes that separate us and relate us. The piece could be worn in any other party of the body, as soon as the wearer reserves a thin layer of textile between the stone parts. In the picture presented it rests over a female chest. As a mention to the censorship that curtail the female identified body, making itself present through denounces in our contemporary social medias. We cannot be sure if it's pleasant or painful to wear it, but we do know that it connects the seen body with the beholder contradicting the principle of censorship. "Every body? Picture of a constructed brooch in stones (serpentine and basalt) 3x1,8cm, cut and engraved stone, photo in collaboration with Mariana Ribeiro.

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