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The Vertebrae Series

Verena Krems



copper, brass, textile, yarn

The three pieces "Corpus Vertebrae", "Arcus Vertebrae" and "Sternum" are dealing with the topic of vanity and it's symbolism not only in history but also today. Inspired by the shape of bones, especially vertebrae, and their meaning in jewelry, the pieces address and show uncomfortable truths directly on your body and confront maker, wearer and viewer alike. In baroque times jewelry was not only a symbol of beauty and wealth but also of vanity and perishability. Its history and connection to the body makes it a perfect medium for me to deal with death and dark, often pushed away, emotions and thoughts. It was important to me to have repeating elements, resembling vertebrae or pearls, but also handcrafted parts, making the pieces unique and giving them an organic naturally grown look. I want them to be beautiful but a little ominous and weird at a closer look.

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