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the value of bread

Frederic Zirbes



silver, steel, bread, citrin, brass, oxidized, dough

Bread is a staple food. It is closely intertwined with the entire history of mankind. When the nomads settled down, a new era began with agriculture. Civilization and technology advanced faster than ever before. Prosperity became the norm in the West. Thanks to the food industry, everyone can eat bread every day. As a result, bread lost its value over time. Today it is produced in masses. About 30% of the food produced ends up in the garbage. The capitalist system ensures that fresh goods are always delivered. Edible bread from the day before is disposed of. This is the opposite of appreciation. Now we are facing new crises. And history has shown that bread becomes more valuable than anything else in times of crises. You can't eat gold. In view of the climate crisis, food supply is becoming one of the greatest tasks facing humanity. And even though we know this, we are so wasteful with food and especially bread. Wars over resources are becoming an increasing problem. Frederic Zirbes alludes to these circumstances with his jewellery and criticises both the economic system and the handling of the resource bread. In his work, archetypal forms are united with critical statements. He plays with the characteristic of the dough, which rises before the baking of the pieces of jewellery and thereby fixes itself. The bread is locked in little cages, which illustrates the statement that food scraps are often kept under lock and key instead of being distributed to people. He uses jewellery as a medium to give bread a new value – a value that it deserves. Because bread becomes almost more important than anything else during crises and the apocalypse. And the apocalypse is already knocking at the door, asking for some flour. 

Apocalypse Statement 

My work is a critical response to the wasteful use of food, especially bread. It also raises the question of what will be really important during crises or apocalypse.

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