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The Sun Beneath the Sea

Andreea Popescu / Equinox



Silver, Carneol, natural stone, brass, copper wire

You are now in the middle of a sea. The unknown comes in waves and you embrace them. The more you lose control, the more you advance. You take this staircase that leads you to the bottom of an endless ocean and keep going. You are the only one to fully know the beauty of the journey. At your return, you will feel fulfilment, connection and know the way you need to go. Explore the complexity of your being, dive into your subconscious, aiming to build your inner sun step by step, spark by spark. 

Apocalypse Statement 

The dialogue between destruction and recreation revolves around a point, "an apocalypse". This so called moment in time where change was so obvious that you understand how everything that will be created, has no connection with the past. Create. Uncover. Disclose. Reveal. Destroy. Create... This ring reflects an apparent apocalypse, followed by the journey of (re)discovery. Apparent destruction, with no visible possibilities, in fact conceals endless possibilities of giving shape. Even the past and present meanings of the word "apocalypse" reflect the process, as earlier before, its meaning was related to revelation, but now it signifies destruction. "The Sun Beneath the Sea" is a metaphor for the everlasting energy that allows an apocalypse to happen, so that a closer form to ideal can be achieved.

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