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The Nipple Series

Verena Krems



Oxidised silver and brass

Are   those male or female nipples and why is this still important? Why do women’s nipples have to be invisible (except when sexualised) and mostly hidden under lots of padding? It can still offend people if you feed your baby out in the open, or – again – you get sexualised. Why can’t you show a naked female   breast on Social Media without it being deleted, no matter if it’s art, critical or self-empowering? 

These are questions and thoughts leading to the Nipple Series.

Naturally cast nipples of different genders, pierced, hairy, unique become adornments, worn like a precious stone. The Nipplerings and -pins show them   off as jewelry on your finger or you can pin them anywhere you like. Because nipples are beautiful, sexy and practical and they shouldn’t have to be   hidden.

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