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The extincted

Caroline Bach



recycled brass, polyester cord

The Extincted by Caroline Bach The extincted is a commemorative project for extincted animal species. Thousands of species are already forever gone in the physical world and are now facing their second extinction in human's collective memories. The knowledge and information humanity had about each of the disappeared species is slowly fading away with time. Our minds are less and less clear, the individuals who've encountered some individuals of this species are dying and the archives aren’t often well maintained. Only a few information and visual representation of a few species are lasting in time. This project aims to emphasis the second extinction of these species in humanity's collective memory. I chose to represent each animal only by its silhouette embossed in recycled brass plate. Each species matrices plate is made only once and is used to make all the amulets of one design. Matrices plates are also for sell, forcing the customer to face consequences of his species action. If he buys the plate, he actively stop the future production of new amulets and symbolically extinct the amulet representative species. At the moment the collection is being slightly redesigned and some special care to the polishing and patina are in process. Minor texture and color differences can occurs between the picture and the final piece, partly due to oxidation of the metal. Apocalypse Statement As an activist for the non human, I find ironical our anxiety about the coming collapsing of our world because it is a very anthropo centered fear. If we are placing ourselves in most of non human individual’s roots, paws or pilus, a lot of them already experienced apocalypse. And in most of the time, WE were their apocalypse. With this series of pieces I am inviting people to empathise with other forms of life and wear the weight of the guilt of their own existence responsible of so many species apocalypse. It is a way to sound the alarm for the newly endangered species by highlighting what happened to their unlucky cousins in the past.
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