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Sweet Nothings and False Mobility

Laura Jack



Soapstone, steel, wood, sugar, silver, silk thread, 8krt gold

As the world leaders express their concern for people displaced by wars and other factors, the words of welcome break down into being nothing but sweet sentiments. Without action to provide #1 safe passage, governments of many countries including the EU, The US and Australia condemn innocent lives and ignore basic human rights. Precarious positions are made even worse by careless treatment of life. The necklace exemplifies this through it’s fragility, and the way that it drags by the heaviest part on the floor - which reflects the weight of the needy when they aren’t properly supported. Different parts of society hold different levels of power to change this, and unfortunately those who know best often have the least say in what happens. The head sculpture expresses this with the different amounts of facial features showing on each “facet” - which is each facet of society. When people make a connection, and really come together, the negative can be broken through and what is valuable within each of us will come through, it will bring us together. This will be shown through the performance and participation of the two brooches in the shape of tears coming together through the act of a hug on opening night.

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