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Elisabeth Habig



silver, oxidized silver, mirrored plexiglas

This brooch was inspired by the making of „Selfies“ and their publication on the social media. With sharing a self portrait on social media you confront the viewer with your image, a certain side of yourself or something you think the viewer wants to see and want a reaction if it´s positive or negative. The confrontation lies in the process of the viewer to compare the self portrait with him- or herself. It could mirror a desire, familiarity, mutuality or also a negative suggestion. A Selfie itself shows not only how you are but also how you want to be seen and how others want to see you. It always mirrors a part of society, how you grow up, which persons you meet, your age, your humor, a style of time,.... It reflects so much. In my brooch I used a mirror (and so many same and mirrores profiles of faces) because it reflects not only the wearer and the surrounding but also the viewer. A mirror exclude no one. When you make a selfie, your smartphone functions as a mirror too.

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