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Konstanze Prechtl



MDF, paint, stainless steel

How do we perceive nature and our surroundings today? Instead of taking a look and cherishing it we tend to snap multiple pictures with our smart-phones. A habit I not only notice on other people but also observe myself doing it much too often. What do we miss when looking through the screen? While dealing with these aspects I developed the series ?screenline?. I focussed on the colours between sky and earth. An impressive range of different hues changing through time and weather. The result is a series of 42 brooches which are connected with one continuous line. Each of the brooches has the size of a smart-phone screen and features two colours ? one for the earth and one for the sky. When holding one of the brooches the size and shape feels very familiar. After all our hands are occupied with our phones all day. But the image on the brooches is nothing you could see through your phone or take a picture of. It is an impression, something you have to experience.

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