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People+Separation=Social Behavior

William Rudolph Faulkner



Glass, Silver, Steel

There are objects in this world that are built for the purpose of separating and restricting people.  One of the most difficult issues we face today is dealing with large groups of people living in close proximity to other groups of people whose ideologies differ.   When such opposing forces of people come together, governing groups conclude that they must be separated and controlled.  The objects within this body of work represent a barrier or restriction. They hold connotations underlying objectives of governing groups of people in control of the masses.  They were made for different reasons, yet their purpose remains similar:  Separate people.  When a society comes together and agrees to separate themselves from another local group, this shows the inability for the two groups to critically approach notions of peace and acceptance.  By making a strong social barrier breakable I try to expose the lack of one or both sides of the group to come to an understanding.  The result of unresolved conflict manifests itself into physical objects that we can further interpret to understand social behavior.

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