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Out of Control

Julia Plura



wool, nylon, sewing yarn, artificial stone

Covid as a contagious virus as taken over our lives and heavily influenced our society long-term. This disease was probably the biggest breaking point on planet earth in decades which made humans worldwide collectively fear the loss of control over our everyday lives, health and future. In order to protect others, we had to give up parts of our freedom and everyday activities. The situation grew bigger, scarier and more serious day by day without anyone really knowing how to make it stop. Even Covid itself as a disease has developed and changed over time, always confronting humanity with new and unpredictable challenges. Especially after this incredibly difficult time – that we are actually partially still in the middle of – fears of the consequences of such contagious diseases are higher than they have been in a very long time. How will this influence our society, our health and even our genes in the future? How will this impact our freedom to meet up and move freely? How are we dealing with these situations mentally? My work is supposed to be worn as a glove. It resembles a skin condition or body mutation which has gone out of the human’s control and is ever-growing. When you put it on, apart from its aesthetic aspects, you will immediately realise that it feels very heavy, significantly impacting and slowing down your ability to move your arm, hand and fingers. 

Apocalypse Statement 

It relates to our society and the realisation that it's future is out of our hands at this point.

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