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Aysegul Turan

United Kingdom



The end is where the beginning is. The Ouroboros is an ancient esoteric symbol that depicts a serpent eating its own tail, referring to the eternal cyclic renewal and has adorned magical talismans through the ages. It represents the rhythm of forces that progress from lower to higher energies that flow within the two poles of duality and the disclosure of knowledge through the path of knowing oneself. Forged in brass, each piece is a unique coil of energy formation. 

Apocalypse Statement 

The Apocalypse is the end and the beginning of cycles. It represents transcendence of the elemental life force, either through a revelation or disorder that leads to a new order of things. The Ouroboros is analogous to this concept, as an archetypal symbol that embodies the wisdom and power of time, to reform ourselves continuously, in the never ending the path of self realisation and evolution.

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