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Fabiana Gadano



Recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, PVC cord and oxidized nickelsilver

The collection moves around environmental issues. Concerned, as part of a consumer society, by our excessive use of plastic with the consequent damage to the environment, I have developed this collection by re-using recycled PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) from water and soda bottles.

The project proposes to change the destination of a short-lived material born to be waste, and turns it into the vehicle for an idea. It intends to give it a new meaning as a protagonist material, granting it the noble nature of an extended life, a sign inherent to jewelry pieces. At the same time, jewelry portable condition allows my environmental-care message to spread.

The pieces in collection refer in their configurations to the organic world although reflecting a different Nature by revealing the PET plastic paradox: a synthetic material becoming the protagonist in a universe that is mirror of life.

We have in our hands the power to avoid that the artificial world stays as the only one.We have the resources; let´s take care of this side of the mirror.

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