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M(eat) et al

Rachael Colley



beef, beetroot peel, balsa wood, stainless steel, acrylic, avocado skin, electroplated copper with oxidised silver surface finish

M(eat) et al is constructed using food and food waste (such as vegetable peelings, etc) alongside a series of other materials (such as wood, leather and metal) that provide varying degrees of structural stability, enabling them to be fashioned into slightly more stable wearable artefacts. This collection of wearables seeks to defamilarise everyday organic substances through denaturing processes and the materials’ re-presentation as jewellery, with the aim of exploring abject associations and questioning the nebulous, somewhat indefinable nature of body boundary. The degradable materials’ limited lifespan highlights the fleeting and complex nature of human existence and the passing of time, suggesting the ultimate end that conventional jewellery circumvents through its endurance.

M(eat) et al is a developing collection of art jewellery that is designed to sit alongside a complimentary range of Ambiguous Implements for eating, grooming and cleaning, which jointly serve to highlight issues surrounding consumer culture. Cutlery comb and Dual scoop are designed to challenge current obsessions around hygiene and question traditional forms of etiquette by presenting either dual-purpose or 'odd' tools for the purposes of eating, grooming and cleaning.

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