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Katharina Reimann



Gold, rope, zircon, Silver, coloured agate, rose quarz, stainless Steel, hematite, rope, Pearls, milky opal, Bra straps, Jasper, pearl opal

In postmodernism many people doubt that they are in love, namely because they heard too much about it.

When I made the decision to research about love, I thought that there is something, that „holds the world together“, unites and empowers. Something that digs deeper than self constructed identity, past based home, monetary class or social constructed gender or nationality.

I have produced drawers full of things, experimented with shapes, colours, material. I tried a lot until I came clear with a few. At the end of my theoretical work I am questioning myself: how I can use my new knowledge for more positive effects regarding the world. How can we build a ground for the good sites of life? And I might experienced one of the nicest aspects of love, at least in my perception of this huge or small, deep or light, painful or pleasuring feeling: to be desperately disappointed and full of hope at the same time. And now, I want to bring back a little love into the everyday life, but not the easy, fluffy, rose-coloured kind of love. I want to show the beauty of homesickness, bitter sweetness, memories of long gone days. My pieces are keepsakes of special occasions, special feelings. Slightly used and damaged, but that's ok.

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