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Look at Me, one more time




mixed media

My collection initially explores standardised perceptions in society. Mass-produced products are the main inspiration for my collection since they are the by-product of social exchanges, used as a representation of the way our generation hold certain ideas and views. The concept of playing with people’s perceptions of objects and redefining them is intriguing to me. Therefore, I started collecting objects which I found interesting and that had potential to be developed into jewellery. Jewellery brings out a most intimate interaction between the maker and wearer. By placing different found objects (mostly mass produced) in a new jewellery context, I would like to take away the original identity and content of the initial object, and thereby introduce a new identity which would become apparent later on. For example, exploring the generalised concepts of masculinity and femininity amongst objects, and creating new items of jewellery which are gender-neutral. Once the object has been transformed in an unexpected way, the pieces would stimulate conversation and an awareness of the conventional stereotypes and individuality.

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