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Life in Plastic - Not Fantastic

Sabina Dragusanu



plastic bags, silver, shell

The   Earth is dying and we are killing it. One of the main causes is plastic –   bottles, bags, containers, wrappers – billions and billions of it;   single-use, non-recyclable plastic is especially bad. It is completely   useless, yet it is everywhere. And what happens to it after you finish a bag   of crisps or you unwrap some apples you bought in the supermarket? You throw   it ‘away’, in the rubbish bin, because it’s not recyclable. The thing is,   there is no ‘away’, it just ends up in landfill, floating in our oceans, it   gets eaten by the fish we catch and eventually – we eat it.

My collection is an attempt of reusing and upcycling plastic, especially   single-use non-recyclable one in the hope that it will not end up in the   trash bin. I want to use something that is already there, and not create more   waste. I am trying to send a message to everyone to try and think more about   what we buy, what we do with all the bags and wrappers, how it affects the   world around us and what we can do to cut down on plastic use. In this   collection, I am mainly focusing on the ocean pollution problem, and I want   to donate 30% of the price of each sold piece to Green Peace to help fund   their efforts in saving our planet.

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