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Let Nothing Define Us

Hebe Argentieri



cow horn and plastic broom filaments

Let nothing define us

Gender is constructed in a way that intentionally undermines the status of females and puts them at a disadvantage. As much as feminism has gained in the last years, gender stereotypes still serve to uphold patriarchy. 

My work results from the feelings of impotence and rebellion I have always endured at the constrictions experienced as a Latin American woman living in a misogynist society and the self determination needed to transcend the social construct of femininity. 

The shapes and materials (cow horn and plastic broom filaments) of the pieces do not correspond with the pre conceived concepts of male and female attributes, in line with the idea that stereotypes can be altered. In this way, horn-regarded as masculine- adopts feminine shapes, whereas the broom- icon of feminine domain- shows normative male traits. 

“Let nothing define us. Let nothing hold us. Let freedom be our own substance”, Simone de Beauvoir.

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