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Katrin Derakhshifar



aluminium, steel

wandering between two worlds, navigating between dead and living, predicting your fate, the birds of the muses. 

Apocalypse Statement 

An artefact of the near future. A reminder that our world as we know it, depends on all living creatures inhabiting this world. It’s a shrine to one of the insects that plays an important part in the functioning of our environment, the bee. Since the beginning of humankind bees have accompanied us and have been worshipped by many cultures in the past. Fascinated by the queen bee, the hive structure and its production of honey, humans have told tales and myths about the bee over centuries. In ancient Egypt and ancient Greece the bee was a symbol of regeneration and renewal, as the giver of life, birth and death. The natural form of the honeycomb, called “Bienenherz” in german (bees heart), is functioning as a talisman for the future, reminding us of the fragility of life and warning us to take care of nature.

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