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Daniella Saraya



Silver 925, Fire, Perspex, candles

In the Jewish tradition there is a custom to light up pair of candles in honor of the Shabbat.

According to the tradition, this custom rises from the prohibition to light up fire during Shabbat. In the past, those candles were used for lighting, but today they hold the memory of this antique tradition that passes through generation.  (from mother to daughter)

In this work, I was interested to explore the essence of the jewelry as an object that holds and transfers a memory. In particular, I was referring to the action of setting on a precious stone.

With replacing the diamond in candles many questions come in mind.

Question about the value of the stone as something that gain layers of memories for many years. Questions about an object that is one of kind, a material in which I have no control on the way it melts.

I ask myself, what is the value of tradition, religion and belief? What is the meaning of carrying it on the body? Is it a decoration or perhaps, a statement?

Another question that comes in mind referring to the tradition as something that fades when the years go by- the candle is lighting in the beginning, but with the time melts and disappears.

The jewelry comes into being, changes his figure, melts on the body and becomes a new and unexpected jewelry.

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