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Nga Ching Ko

Hong Kong


Rock crystal, 925 Silver, Epoxy, Plastic, Enamel Paint, Goldleaf, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz, Plastic, Epoxy, Enamel paint, Goldleaf, Stainless steel, Rock crystal, plastic, Enamel Paint, Epoxy, 925 Silver, Padauk wood, Hot Glue, Enamel paint, Stainless steel, Black walnut wood, Hot Glue, Enamel paint, Stainless steel, Gourd, Wood, Stainless steel, Padauk Wood, Stainless steel

As an inclusion in social animals, making connections with others is important to live, Being the minority is not easy. We, humans, often follow the public popular opinion to believe and behave, even if the idea is a preconception, we can believe it without knowing it or force ourselves to believe it. My works are showing the process of me making compromises, the emotion of resistance, struggle or anger. Also, expressing the pressure and suppression that I encounter of being included in a group. As an inclusion in Hong Kong, the preconception of the words “Chinese” and “China” leads one's national identity to a political position, “I love China, I am Chinese”, are political statements, it can be a truth for somebody, meanwhile it can be a compromise for others. s an inclusion in the diamond industry before, seeing many diamonds used to be my daily life, even “diamond is rare” is a lie for me, but I still needed people to believe in the diamond illusion - “diamond is forever”, “diamonds are rare”, also the diamond grading system, so that I can earn my salary and live. 

Apocalypse Statement 

the conflict between Hong Kong and China, The diamond industries, the stress of social life

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