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Yaroslava Kellermann




Your life lays in ruins. A change, dramatic and abrupt, comes to your home, takes your loved ones, your way of living, your past, your present, your future and to a certain extent your own self. What can you take with you while facing a danger and fleeing? A bunch of memories and something material, something small that embodies the concept of home. A book of poetry, a green stuffed toy from your childhood or your grandmothers´ jewellery. A string of corals that saved her from famine is likely to save you on your way to a safer place. If you are lucky enough, you will keep it till the end of your journey as a symbol and as a proof of your existence, though the ones who came would argue the opposite. You will keep it as a part of that self that managed to survive and as a part of those, who perished. That string of corals will always help you to remember. 

Apocalypse Statement 

Usually one interprets apocalypse as something global. It is my understanding that a global phenomenon always consists of smaller parts, which create an overall picture when put together. My project tries to highlight the role of an individual, a personal tragedy, a personal story of a smaller world destroyed by war.

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