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Fragile Earth

Lynne Speake



Found and gifted treasures from Cornish Boatyards, Beaches and Woods: (Porcelain
Paper Clay, Indian Ink, Eroded Paint, Wood, Metal, Rust, Rope and Copper)

Man upsets me.
The planet is upset by man.
He destroys it with his plastic, his cruelty, his greed.
He is lazy, he discards his ugliness into the beauty.

But I find these things he throws away.
They are not worthless.
They are in themselves beautiful,
They are treasures, they are unique.
They can be turned into things that once more have a life.
They can be turned into things that once more have a meaning and have a job.
They become talking points, they are noticed,
they are commented upon,
they are thought about and they can make us think.

The fragility of the porcelain fights with the industrial,
it evolves organically as I work it,
a fragility that must be looked after and cared for.
Just like the earth that it evolved from.
They tell me how they want to evolve and I follow.

They are my escapism, my sanity, they give me strength.
They bear the imprint of my fingers, my thoughts, my actions, my dreams.

I won't save the planet by creating them.
I won't solve the plastic landfill mountain by making them.
But I know I'm not adding to the pile of junk that we are drowning under.

I have faith that they will make people question that
plastic 'must have' or that gold trinket they discard.

Like the planet they are beautiful,
and they.....
are precious.....
to me.

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