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Fools Gold

Teresa Estapé



Gold, Pyrit, Diamonds

The pyrites that make up this series of rings come from the artisanal open pit mine of Navajún (La Rioja, Spain), where cubic pyrites formed in the Jurassic period and considered to be the most perfect in the world, are born. Collected from the rock by the artist herself, the work is a tribute to the marvel that nature gives us and she does so by placing the cubic formations as the protagonist, intertwined and perfect without carving or altering their extraordinary natural form. Each ring is a compositional exercise in the form of an assamblage carried out by hand modelling the Fairmined gold arm that holds the pyrite with a firm gesture that is different in each ring and working with the technique of setting stone on stone: clusters of slightly grey old-cut diamonds with white gold basket settings, are in turn set on the faces and sides of the pyrites camouflaging themselves and generating volumes and sparkles similar to those generated by the mineral itself, extolling without modifying it, the unique beauty of this fascinating mineral. 

Apocalypse Statement 

In a world that is changing and in some ways coming to an end as we know it, Teresa Estapés work focuses on the raw materials used in jewellery and the decrease in resources that we are facing today, questioning our definition of price and value throughout several of her projects. Working with ethically sourced and sustainable materials is an important part of her practice, in the Fools gold project, Teresa Estapé goes one step further in her sourcing process to shine light on a material that is not usually considered for jewellery: the pyrite, a mineral that is already perfectly shaped in form by nature itself, known as "fool's gold" because of its gold-like colour and lustre.

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