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Faux Pearl Necklace

Eva Fernandez Martos



Acrylic, silver, cord, magnet

Faux Pearl Necklace was inspired by the idea of memory. The piece explores memory through our relationship with the real / unreal, presence / absence, tangibility / intangibility and construction/deconstruction. The work uses one of the archetypes of family inherited jewellery, a pearl necklace, and the mental associations that it provokes, to embody the paradox of reality and illusion. The piece is built up by the space around the pretend jewellery piece in the form of clear acrylic blocks and relies on a visual illusion to come to life. To further the paradox, the piece deals with the notion of jewellery through a non-wearable piece. Apocalypse Statement This piece deals with Apocalypse from the way it questions the idea of reality and the dangers of losing the ability to tell fact from fiction. This piece was originally inspired by the idea of memory, however, it relates strongly to a more overarching theme, which is the idea of reality and illusion. We live in a world where our digital realities and interactions are increasingly taking over our physical ones. Specifically, the digital world presents us with a doubtful image of reality which can be easily manipulated, distorted, embellished, etc. This pretend jewellery piece represents that aspect of the digital world where our perception can be tricked to trust what is presented behind the screen. Our growing dependence on a “reality” where we are unable to recognise truth from fake, leaves us in a vulnerable position where we can be easily manipulated, and it is threatening one of the pillars of our society, putting our fragile democracies at risk.
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