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Donald and Theresa

Lilly Harte



Plywood, imitation gold leaf, enamelled steel, brass, silver, Rubber, Imitation Gold Leaf, Brass, Enamelled Steel, Cotton

Donald and Theresa’ is a topical commentary on US and UK politics, using media headlines to depict the leaders of these countries. It asks the viewer to question their own understanding of politics; in a post-truth-fake-news world, what is to be believed? Each piece is inspired by a serious happening, for example, 350 refugee children were taken into Britain out of the promised 3,000 - the reason stated was that Britain did not have enough resources, despite being the fifth richest country in the world. The objects created push a glossy surface over these events, eliminating the harsh reality and emphasising their wealth through gold coloured metal.
In the 21st century, how is it possible that we have these types of political decisions being made? Decisions that hurt those most in need of help? How is it possible that these ruling parties are in considerable positions of power, when their political priorities have perpetuated division, poverty, and inequality?

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