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Tamara Zecevic



silk painting and digital printing

My  work consists of tree pieces.  „Cut“ , refers to moment of objectifying  women’s body under influence of Mass media . Not fitting to Mass media beauty standards in any way means that body needs to be cut and put together again in a acceptable way. These body objects,  eye ,  nose and  mouth  are kind of jewelry, predominant  field of my interest. Wearing these objects can show that body is losing its movement, it is becoming still, unnatural form, and  grotesque. Place for “Cut” objects is a face since it is important for identity, something that it will be lost in this process of cutting and making them acceptable in mass media beauty standards.
For me it is of high importance to show to public what kind of wrong influence mass media have for defining femininity- making women’s bodies  disabled in a psychological, physical  and in some cases physiological way.

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