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The Girl and the Magpie

Earthling (currently living in Jamaica)


brass, Agave Sisalana (Sisal)

The series, “Love is not enough” is a about the necessity of acting: Nature take years to grow. Human needs only minutes to destroy. Love is not enough, acts are needed. The first part was a series of 2 performances in collaboration with dancers and a DJ. I proposed them this concept and wearable sculptures made from natural material and brass structure with the only instruction to destruct the pieces during the performance. They gave their personal interpretation, using respectively body language (an intense choreography expressing nature’s threatened equilibrium) and music (sounds issued from nature embedded in an organic electronic soundscape). “Breathe”, the piece presented here, is a second part of this series. It includes some plants alive on a structure inspired by the human lungs shape and hanged on a necklace remembering the slave one. On a low support a water spray and a small indication “You have a choice to participate and to keep the plants alive (by spraying them very lightly on their base) or to let them die “ The piece question our attitude about environment protection: do we will make a small action to preserve it (here by giving water, if needed), action who will have to be collective to be effective or do we will do nothing, by hoping it will work without our contribution or by thinking their is no emergency, or feeling not concerned (after all, the responsibility of the actual situation is not totally ours)? Choosing to water it is also to choose to damage the structure: metal don’t like water. What will be our choose: the bling bling as symbol of a materialistic world or the environment? Do we really have a choice? 

Apocalypse Statement 

The piece (Breathe) as the series (“Love is not enough”) which is part of, are related with the 2 sides of Apocalypse: destruction and change. Here change as the hope of a rise of personal and collective awareness leading to a new way to act, personally and in relation-connection.

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